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 "Finding you motivated, targeted prospects and getting your offer to them is Our First Priority"
 eNet Advertising Systems TM See 'em in action!

The first rule of Marketing Success is the most important - it consists of three basic principles. It must be learned well and followed as if your business depended on it ... because it really does. The #1 rule is...

a. advertise!

b. Advertise!


It's no secret how the so called successful "heavy hitters" got that way.

But you already know this and you also know how much of your gross profit (or your budget) you (USED TO) have to sink back into your advertising to have any hope for success.

"USED TO...??"

eNet can dramatically reduce your promotional costs while increasing actual exposure of your ad to REAL Opportunity Seeker and MLMers. Decreased business expenditures means increased profit for you.

eNet Prospect Distribution Of Your Ad Is Practically Unlimited

The eNet Advertising Systemstm takes your camera-ready ads and circulars and places them before massive groups of targeted and active prospects that have shown an interest in, or are participating in, Money-Making Opportunities and Services. They want to find better ways to increase their income —usually from a small home-based business. eNet distributes to an average of 50,000 monthly — 600,000 annually — 1,200,000 bi-annually. The important part it is all documented...unlike print media Print & Mail services. Documentation is provided to you.

We obtain huge blocks of known Opportunity Seekers and MLMers and deliver sales materials to them, from our customers. Sales materials are sent to us in the form of camera-ready (already printed) black on white 8½x11 inch circulars and small space camera-ready ads in various sizes smaller than 8½x11. The ads and circulars are delivered to prospects in a .pdf format looking exactly as they do when we receive them from you.

We Use Your Camera-Ready Copy

For mail order marketers, the eNet system requires the same camera-ready copy you would normally send to your printer, print media opportunity tabloid and adsheet publisher or Print & Mail dealer.

eNet Is Risk Free

For the most part Print & Mail dealers offer nothing in the way of proof your job is actually printed and mailed in the quantity you order. No doubt there are some honest print and mailer dealers - and no doubt there are some very devious print and mail dealers. It is difficult (next to impossible) to determine which is which. Your hard earned money is too precious to risk on something like that.

The risk is basically about the same when using eMail advertising. An additional risk is added to the mix for eMail advertisers in that if their URL or email address happens to be part of the email sent — and a anti-spammer somehow happens to end up on the list emailed to...the risk is being dumped by your ISP.

eNet Advertising Systems Is Simply More Superior - More Secure

A common way to send promotional materials, by email, for mail order dealers is to scan their circulars and place them on the internet. The address of the customer's page or circular is then placed on an email that contains dozens, hundreds (who knows) of other links to other customer's pages or circulars. This is all OK — and you can reach a decent number of prospects. Small space ads sent for email promotion are placed on larger sheets for a gang printing. For example an 8½x11 can hold as many as thirty 1-inch display ads, from up to thirty advertisers. This is the industry norm and acceptable method of distributing small space ads. Same set up used by print media publishers - each magazine, adsheet or tabloid can contain dozens of ads.

So called "Internet Advertising" can leave your ad or circular sitting on a website waiting (hoping) some will pass by and see it. Juts because there are millions of people reported as being on the Internet, does not mean they are there to seek out your ad. Fact is, your ad would probably be very lucky if one actual qualified prospect every hundred million actually sees it.

eNet Actually Targets Prospects and Distributes Your Circular To Them

eNet Advertising Systemstm does not just sit your ad on a web site and leave it to chance as to how many people might see it. ENet distributes your ad or circular TO targeted, pre-qualified prospects in the Opportunity Seeker and MLMers category. Prospects do not try to find you, we find the prospects for you and them your sales materials.

The average number of prospects we reach is 50,000 MONTHLY! For the most part each month has it's unique prospects. That is, it is not the same group of prospects month after month. Sure, there will be some that repeat, to find more or newly posted good opportunities and services...and that is a good thing because repeat readers of your ad or circular are more likely to order.

eNet Provides Circulation Proof Directly From The Browser To You

Each advertiser that uses the eNet system receives a hard print checking copy from us by postal mail. Included will be a print out of our STATS page showing how many prospects we reach during that cycle of 50,000, how many are yet to go and how many are being reached each day. These are STATS provided by our traffic provider - we can not tinker with them, they are dated and exclusive to our service. Undeniable proof of our service. Let me know if you find a print and mail dealer or email advertising service will (or can) do that for you.




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